Internal broaching allows the creation of teeth starting from pre-existing holes. The broach tool has more series of teeth with increasing protrusion, in order to progressively remove the material of the inner surface of the hole to achieve the desired toothing. It is possible to realize toothing according to all existing standards or with any special profile. The job can be done thanks to the movement of the broach tool (by traction or compression) or with the movement of the table on which the piece to be broached rests.

Execution of various and complex profiles

Fast time of execution

Really economical for big production

DIN 7 quality achievable

High number of resharpening


Medium dimensions ring gear
Number of teeth57
Gear height [mm]30
Number of workpieces before resharpening3300
Number of resharpening20
Execution time55 sec.
Big dimensions ring gear
Number of teeth81
Gear height [mm]60
Number of workpieces before resharpening1600
Number of resharpening20
Execution time1 min 30 sec.